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Highways Steel Services

BS Steels delivers complex and bespoke highways steel solutions. BS Steels is a Tier 2 recommended contractor with Connect Plus. We regularly partner framework and other contractors, including Osborne, Balfour Beatty and Atkins.

Highway management presents a multitude of engineering challenges. These, and demanding key performance targets from the Highways Agency, require contractors to deliver effective, timely solutions.

BS Steels applies a range of alternative resources and techniques. These enable strategically planned maintenance to meet targets. For more urgent needs we provide a rapid and effective response, with a proven record in assessment of a requirement, design, fabrication and delivery of a solution.

Leader in metal fatigue remedial work

BS Steels is a leader in remedial work to address metal fatigue. This has been tested and proved in emergency and planned situations. Please see our project reports on M4 Boston Manor Viaduct and M25 Gade Valley Viaduct.

underside of M25 gade valley viaduct showing stiffener plates installed by bs steels
Underside of M25 Gade Valley Viaduct showing stiffener plates
stiffener plates installed by BS Steels M25 Gade Valley Viaduct
Stiffener plate and bolts installed by BS Steels, M25 Gade Valley Viaduct
coordinating M4 Boston Manor viaduct repairs
Complex works schedule, M4 Boston Manor Viaduct

Our Highways Services:

  • Certification for Execution Class EXC3; LRQA-approved for ISO 9001:2015; National Highway Sector Scheme No 20 – for the Execution of Steelwork in Transportation Infrastructure Assets.
  • Structural highways steel repairs: viaducts, parapets, gantries, structures, signage, vehicle and pedestrian restraint systems including armco crash barriers, balustrades etc.
  • Steel works and repairs for motorway, highway and road bridges.
  • Specialised expertise for repairs to cracks and metal fatigue. Site non-destructive testing (NDT) of materials and welds: ultrasonic, magnetic particle, acid etching.
  • Highway bridge parapets and structural metal decking.
  • Armco barrier installation and repair.s
  • Remanufacture and refurbishment of Maurer road ramp plates.
  • Full range of specialised diamond drilling and cutting, anchoring and crack repair services.
  • Site painting ‐ remedial and new ‐ shotblasting.
  • Structural staircases, pedestrian walkways, gantries and ladders.
motorway highways steel gantry manufactured by bs steels
Motorway test gantry manufactured in BS Steels workshop
Replacement of expansion joints near junction 20 of the M25
Replacement of expansion joints near M25 junction 20
lifting highways steel signage frame into position M25 Dartford Crossing
Lifting signage frame into position, M25 Dartford Crossing
Maurer road ramp plates reconditioned for installation on M25
Maurer road ramp plates reconditioned for installation on M25
Temporary hinged ramps for Motorway and A road expansion joint inspection and repair leaving BS Steels yard
Temporary hinged ramps for Motorway and A road expansion joint inspection and repair leaving BS Steels’s yard after reconditioning
Repaired temporary hinged ramps for Motorway and A road expansion joint inspection and repair
Part of a movement of 90 tonnes, each plate weighing 2.5 tonnes

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Project Reports

Gade Valley Viaduct Christmas 2020 Possession

Osborne magazine article: Christmas 2020 works at Gade Valley Viaduct

Extensive experience of complex weld repairs, and of collaboration with all partners involved, delivered successfully within a 54-hour timescale.

M25 Repair and Steelworks Projects

M25 motorway - BS Steels works

Since 2012, BS Steels’ teams have been working almost constantly on a variety of projects on and around the M25.

M25 Gade Valley Viaduct Repairs

underside of M25 gade valley viaduct showing strengthening plates fitted by bs steels

Multi-year project strengthening the welds on the underside of the viaduct spans on the M25 Gade Valley Viaduct. BS Steels’s longest continuous project, with a dedicated team likely to be on site for several years.

M4 Boston Manor Viaduct Repairs

steel plates manufactured and installed by BS Steels for M4 motorway viaduct repair

Exceptionally time-critical repairs to motorway viaduct on one of 2012 Olympics’ main arteries. Techniques since been employed elsewhere including M25 Gade Valley Viaduct