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Health and Safety

For BS Steels, Health and Safety management is an integral part of all we do, at every stage of our work and projects.

Risk and safety assessment begins at the Design stage. Through tools such as 3D modelling, we analyse the safety of the build, use and dismantling of products and structures. Careful fabrication of all elements, components and connections within the workshop is also important to help ensure safety. Where appropriate, BS Steels will undertake trial assemblies to establish the best methods of safe erection on site.

Within the workshop, BS Steels ensures a safe working environment, with appropriate training and certifications for its staff. Regular training is carried out, from ‘toolbox talks’ to more formal training, such as that leading to certification as responsible welding coordinators, Health and Safety officers etc.

On site, BS Steels’s contractors have all necessary qualifications and training. Where hazards such as working and welding in confined spaces is involved, appropriate risk assessment is undertaken beforehand, with trial works if appropriate, and all necessary precautions and arrangements are put in place.

BS Steels has achieved Execution Class EXC3, under the CE marking legislation. This is the level required for our business in the highways, railways and major structures areas, where higher performance is required to accommodate higher structural risks. Accreditation for execution class EXC3 enables us to take on contracts requiring EXC1 and EXC2 (the category for most UK building projects).

BS Steels is accredited under the Contractors Health and Safety (‘CHAS’) Assessment Scheme. This demonstrated compliance with and sound management of current basic health and safety legislation.


BS Steels took great care throughout to provide the right conditions for welding and for personnel. A full-scale on-site ‘mock up’ was created of a typical girder section of the viaduct. After extensive trialling of welding techniques, this is now used for safety training and specialist training purposes.

test section replicating box girder Gade Valley viaduct

Extract from Highways England Safety Leadership Tour Report, October 2021:

reference to BS Steels' girder mock up contained within Highways England report

Contact for Health and Safety matters: Nicola Williams.

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