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Steel Installation Services

BS Steels has steel installation teams working and available across Southern England on many contracts daily. From smaller contractors and local builders, from pure installation to challenging installations on major projects, we offer a range of services all aiming to ensure the most effective and safest implementation of our clients’ steelwork needs.

lifting steel beam portsmouth central mosque
Steel beams lifted into place to make mezzanine floor, Portsmouth Mosque
BS Steels installer at work, London Gateway reception building
Assembling steel framework, London Gateway reception building

stainless steel spiral staircase under construction by bs steels fitter
Fitter constructing stainless steel spiral staircase, Shoreditch, London

Steel Installation Service for the local builder and smaller contractor

For smaller contractors, local builders and housebuilders, BS Steels provides a comprehensive steel service, including supply, design, fabrication, and assistance in installation. We can offer advice on the implementation of steelwork in relation to the overall construction project. We can attend on site, or are always happy to discuss project requirements at our office; using our CAD system, we can explain and help visualise your project needs.

For urgent needs arising on site, we offer a mobile site call-out service. To ensure speed of response, this is available within a 40-mile radius of our Portsmouth base.

Larger steelwork projects: we see the ‘big picture’

Through extensive experience in installation of larger steelwork projects, BS Steels understands their intricacies, and how critical it is for all involved to work together to achieve an optimal result, taking into account time, cost and safety.

Typically, when tendering for a larger project, we will meet up and ‘walk the route’ at the outset; we will aim to quote on the basis of getting the job completed, advising on the full requirements, and not excluding essential elements to be brought in later as ‘extras’; and we would expect to take responsibility on site for planning and coordinating the steelwork.

When implementing refurbishment projects, we will consider with the structural engineer the safety and integrity of the original structure at all times.

In summary, we look to give our clients maximum reassurance that their project will be implemented in as TIMELY a manner as possible, as SAFELY as possible, and as COST EFFECTIVELY as possible.

BS Steels is ISO:9001 certificated, and accredited for Execution Class EXC3, under the CE legislation. We are a CHAS-accredited contractor. We are fully validated on Builders Profile database for PQQ information.

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