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We offer...

  • Specialised expertise for repairs to cracks and metal fatigue. Site non-destructive testing (NDT) of materials and welds: ultrasonic, magnetic particle, acid etching.
  • Certification for Execution Class EXC3; LRQA-approved for ISO 9001:2015; National Highway Sector Scheme No 20 – for the Execution of Steelwork in Transportation Infrastructure Assets
  • Specialised welding teams available anywhere within the UK.
  • Partnership ethos, cooperating closely with contractors and specialised partners.
  • Welding for smaller and medium-sized projects in our workshops


Specialised On-Site Welding Services

Addressing structural fatigue or failure in steel structures is a core expertise of BS Steels’ welding services. It is also a highly technical challenge, requiring careful analysis, creative solutions and close cooperation with contractors and specialised partners in areas such as testing, laboratory services, welding technology and documentation.

Through its work on repairs to the motorway and highways network in particular, BS Steels has a team, knowledge base and network of contacts enabling it to take on the most challenging welding tasks.

BS Steels’s partnership ethos, proven extensive experience in highway, railway and industrial repairs, and EXC3 and NHSS20 certifications, make it the ideal partner wherever structural fatigue or failure needs to be addressed, or remedial welding is required. Our specialist teams are available to tackle projects across the country.

BS Steels will apply whatever techniques are appropriate to the situation: these include MAG welding, pulse MAG welding in a wide range of positions and thicknesses, TIG, Plasma, Plasma dressing. Great attention to detail is given always to control of heat and gas, speed and depth of welds to achieve the correct fusion of materials.

In addition to complex on-site welding assignments, BS Steels is always ready to take on smaller and medium-sized projects in its workshops.

Welding Expertise in Action: M25 Gade Valley Viaduct

Working with Highways England, Connect Plus and Osborne, BS Steels has been engaged in strengthening the welds on the underside of the viaduct spans on the Gade Valley Viaduct, by Junction 20 of the M25.

BS Steels delivered a dedicated team, continuously on site. Remedial works were carried out under ten spans of the viaduct.

BS Steels was involved throughout, interpreting engineering designs, manufacturing the strengthening plates, and executing all welding, drilling and bolting. In total, 2,349 strengthening plates were installed, using 37,238 TCB bolts. 273 plasma weld dresses were made, totalling well over a kilometer of welds!

Great care was taken to provide the right conditions for welding and for personnel. Particularly innovative was the setting up of a robotic system within the welding box – highly unusual in on-site conditions.

“…attitudes and behaviours exhibited by everyone we encountered were first class, and the overall commitment to health, safety and wellbeing was both clear and genuine. I was particularly impressed with the level of innovation in place, such as the bespoke test and trial ‘box’ with great attention to detail in its design, the use of Blackline G7 handsets to manage lone working and comms, and the efforts taken to introduce health and wellbeing for site members…” Ian Moreton, H&S Director (Ops) Highways England