BS Steels provides steel and steel-related services across numerous industries: construction, transport, utilities, commercial to name a few. But wherever we operate, there is one common factor: we only succeed when our clients succeed. That is why we are sincere when we say that, throughout our business, we work in partnership with our customers.

Steel for Railways, Roads and Bridges

Selection of BS Steels's repeat clients and partnersThe ‘Highly Commended’ award for Osborne in Network Rail’s 2013 Partnership Awards is a high-profile example. The awards were set up, in Network Rail’s words, “to reward the great partnerships that exist within the rail industry”. Our page on the Marcon Bridge replacement explains the complexity and tight timescale of this project, which could only have succeeded through seamless participation of all concerned. Our particular part in the project was the design, supply and installation of the steel railway parapets.

Building refurbishment: close collaboration is paramount

The challenges of building refurbishment can be overcome only by close collaboration of all parties. Where there is a significant demolition element, the installation of new steel, strengthening the new structure, is often required at the same time. In turn, this requires careful preparation through drawings and calculations, and our drawing office is frequently called in to assist. Diamond drilling is also often required, both as part of the demolition process, and for preparation of the new structure. This is very much the process we have followed with Deconstruct UK in working recently on refurbishment of 30 Berkeley Square, London W1.

Deeper understanding of our clients’ needs

We like to feel that the success of our ethos is reflected in significant ongoing and repeat business with important customers. In turn this results in deeper relationships and greater understanding of their needs and priorities, and opportunities to add value at all stages of the contract cycle, including pitches. Our recent report on the Ryde Castle Hotel highlighted the ongoing relationship with Greene King and Turvey Construction, for whom we have provided steel and services on half a dozen hotel and pub refurbishments. In the transport sector, our proven ability to respond urgently to situations, to assess a requirement, design, fabricate and deliver a solution, is resulting in increased opportunities with the likes of Osborne. Significant repeat business with construction contractors such as Coffey and Duffy, and with commercial businesses such as Ferryspeed, also show the benefits of proactive partnerships.

Partnership with local builders and industry

The notion of partnership is just as relevant to the services we provide to local builders and industry. Every day our drawing office is working closely with structural engineers, builders and contractors to help interpret designs. In our design, fabrication and delivery services, we seek to provide a personal service, based on traditional values of customer focus, timely implementation, and constant availability to help with problem-solving. Our local client base remains the bedrock of our business, and we love it when local builders drop in to discuss their requirements, including on Saturday mornings. We look forward to welcoming you!