We have published a new page on our web site, exhibiting several different styles of stairs and balustrades recently designed, manufactured and installed by BS Steels. These demonstrate the combination of strength, practicality, elegance and style that steel can bring to your project.

At the architectural end of the scale, we feature two spiral staircases, one in gleaming stainless steel, one in mild steel with granite treads. BS Steels pulled together various specialists to achieve such beautiful results. The architectural concept was taken forward into detailed 3D drawings by our own technical staff, generating data necessary to source curved panels from a highly specialised producer in Denmark. The specially curved handrails were sourced from Midlands-based Angle Ring. BS Steels adapted, assembled and installed the various elements, and finally sourced a specialist polisher, for the finishing touches.

In total contrast is the railway bridge parapet at Hackney, London. Here we built and installed the skeleton structure, consisting of SHS Galvanised Posts and RHS Galvanised rails. We then clad the skeleton to both sides with 6mm mild steel plates, powder coated to protect from vandals and graffiti.

The banister railings and handrails installed at the offices of Unite in Portsmouth, are an example of a quite traditional design, seen in offices, schools, hospitals and other institutions.

Steel is often used for stairs providing outside access and fire escapes. BS Steels designed, fabricated and installed the featured example at the Greig City Academy, Hornsey.

Whatever form of staircase, railings or balustrades you require, BS Steels is always ready to take your architect’s concept forward to the finished product.