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We offer...

  • Certification for Execution Class EXC3
  • Live and non-live structural steel work for railways
  • Design and installation of steel structures for railways: balustrades, bridge parapets, ladders, walkways, gantries, cable trays etc
  • Repairs and remedial work to railway steelwork: viaducts, gantries, structures, signage, barriers, balustrades, base plates, components etc.
  • Rapid deployment, design and fabrication capabilities for urgent remedial work
  • A full range of specialised diamond drilling and cutting, anchoring and crack repair services


Railway Steel Services

BS Steels partners with contractors to provide a range of steel-related railway services.

We perform both live and non-live structural steel work for the railways. We work with contractors on scheduled repairs, maintenance and installation. We are also ready at all times to deploy survey, design and fabrication capabilities for urgent remedial work. Examples of both are set out below.

BS Steels has achieved Execution Class EXC3, under CE legislation. This is the level required for our business in the railways, highways and major structures areas, where higher performance is required to accommodate higher structural risks.

In keeping with our company ethos, we take a partnership approach. We apply our experience and a range of techniques to help with problem-solving where required, and to ensure that works are completed as scheduled.

New Steel Railway Balustrade, designed and installed at Marcon Place

This scheduled project involved ambitious timescales and considerable technical challenge.

BS Steels was asked to deliver a new bridge parapet, designed, manufactured and installed within a 4-week timescale.

This included:

  • Our own EDM survey, modelled on our TEKLA® system, involving very complex loading calculations.
  • Design and manufacture, including galvanising, special anti-graffiti powder coating, and anti-vandal fixings.
  • More than 200 diamond-drilled holes through the concrete upstand, to zero tolerances.
  • An on-site timetable reflecting the necessity to have the parapets complete and services relaid and connected, before the platform extensions could be used.

The overall project involved seven independent rail bridges, supporting four tracks and four platforms, being demolished and reconstructed in fewer than 100 hours over the Easter Bank Holiday 2013. Main contractor Osborne won ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best Medium Project category in Network Rail’s 2013 Partnership Awards. In Network Rail’s words, these awards were created “to reward the great partnerships that exist within the rail industry”; we are proud to have played our part.


On-call Railway Steel Repairs

Our on-call capabilities are demonstrated by a busy weekend in November 2012, starting with a call late on Friday. Maintenance work to replace rails on a railway bridge in Battersea had revealed unexpected damage to the steel bridge floor plates.

BS Steels was able to deploy labour to the site within 2 hours, together with plant and equipment. On Saturday we were asked to provide steel plates which were delivered on Sunday; further steel plates requested on Sunday night were delivered on Monday morning. We were also asked to replace all the rusted connections, which involved inspecting the existing connections, interpreting requirements within our design and drawing department, our workshop engineering the new components, and delivery to site, all within hours.

The weekend’s activity was entirely unplanned, but our response ensured that the additional delay caused by the unexpected discovery of damaged floor plates was kept as short as possible.