Ferryspeed Distribution Centre, Jersey

BS Steels worked with Ferryspeed to adapt and extend this former Condor Ferries warehouse in Jersey.

Specialists in storage and delivery of ambient and temperature-controlled commercial freight, Ferryspeed controls by computer the temperatures of all refrigerated areas in its depots. An extensive refit was therefore needed, to install freezer and chilled storage, and unloading docks, and ensure that delivery, loading and storage are carried out in optimum conditions.

During the project, the existing Ferryspeed facility continued to operate. Effective project management was therefore vital, including coordination with Ferryspeed’s work force, and providers of other elements, such as concrete, and door installers.

Another important aspect was to design and install in a demountable and modular fashion. This enables the flexibility to move partitions, and adapt layouts as required whilst using the warehouse, and to remove or retain significant elements of the installation, reducing potential dilapidations charges at the end of a lease.

BS Steels designed, manufactured and installed:

  • Strengthening of the existing structure
  • Steel Mezzanine Floor Extensions
  • Above-ground concrete strip footings and reinforcement.
  • Steel Access and Escape Stairs, including extending existing structures
  • Cold Store and Chill Store supporting structures
  • Metal Decking
  • Chilled Loading Pod
  • Durbar Plate Flooring
  • 11 Sectional Overhead Doors
  • 11 Pairs of Dock Curtains
  • Lorry Buffers
  • 9 Dock Levellers
  • 2 Scissor Lifts for Loading Double Deck Trailers
  • a new steel canopy, giving weather protection over the external yard.

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BS Steels has extensive experience of adapting and extending structures for clients across many industries, delivering cost-effective additional capacity and flexibility.

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