131 Shoreditch High Street, London

BS Steels was involved throughout this mixed retail and residential project in East London.

The particular features were the two spiral staircases, one in gleaming stainless steel leading to the roof terrace, one in mild steel in the basement. BS Steels pulled together various specialists to achieve such beautiful results.

Our own technical staff took the architectural concept forward into detailed 3D drawings, generating data necessary to source curved stainless steel panels from a highly specialised producer in Denmark. The specially curved handrails were sourced from Midlands-based Angle Ring (“Metal Bending is our World”). BS Steels adapted, assembled and installed the various elements, and finally sourced a specialist polisher, who provided the finishing touches.

Earlier, we had provided the structural steel for new floor layouts.

Within the retail area, we installed the steel ‘bridge’ inside the front door, manufactured and installed the aluminium channel and steel cover plates for the glazed balustrade.

For the roof terrace, we fabricated and installed stainless steel balustrading, and other features including special stainless steel planters, and security fencing. Even the featured stainless steel shower head required a bespoke solution, with every fixing component specially machined to achieve a deceptively simple-looking result!

This project featured a range of skilled processes, applied to different metals. It is also a showpiece for steel’s excellent architectural qualities, providing strength and practicality and, where required, elegance and style. These qualities are equally applicable to small and large projects – please call us with your requirements, and we will always be glad to advise.

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Main Contractor – J Coffey

Stainless Steel Spiral Staircase and Balustrade

Mild Steel Spiral Staircase

Retail area and rooftop