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BS Steels is engaged currently with probably its most challenging project to date. Working with Highways England, Connect Plus and Osborne, we are strengthening the welds on the underside of the viaduct spans on the M25 Gade Valley Viaduct.

The Gade Valley Viaduct, by Junction 20 of the M25, carries the motorway over the Grand Union Canal, the River Gade, a major road and the main London-Birmingham Railway. By any standards, therefore, it represents infrastructure critical to the UK’s economy.

This will also be our longest continuous project, with a dedicated team likely to be on site for several years, and the need to phase work according to traffic needs.

By clicking on the images below, you can inspect a set of strengthening plates, fitted over existing butt welds, under one span (of 10) of the viaduct. Under this span alone, there will be a total of 43 stiffener locations, with some 300 plates and 9000 TCB bolts.

Preparation for this project started back in 2015, when BS Steels was asked to replicate a 9-metre section of the motorway viaduct, including the existing flaws and imperfections, to enable practice strengthening works ahead of the actual project.

The replica section was then transferred to below the viaduct, in order that trials could be carried out in as true-to-life conditions as possible. These trials established the most suitable treatments for repairs to welds; the safest and most efficient ways of installing doubler plates; and the optimal bolt tightening sequence to achieve strictly controlled torquing values. As each test repair was carried out, non-destructive testing monitored their effects, confirming or refining theoretical calculations.

BS Steels drew on previous experience at the M4 Boston Manor Viaduct, described at the time by the Highways Agency as “a unique repair solution…” (press release July 13th 2012).

M25 road closure report Watford ObserverWe also reported in April 2016 on BS Steels’s emergency response to carry our repairs on cracks found on the same stretch of M25 motorway viaduct.

All around the world, steel structures designed for theoretically long working lives are being found to require repairs much before their expected time. BS Steels has proven expertise in investigations and repairs, and solutions to technically challenging projects. To learn more about our capabilities, please contact Roger Slade by e-mail, or phone 07802 265438.

BS Steels is very pleased to announce, following audit, that it has achieved certification for two very important Quality Management measures:

ISO 2001:2015 logoNHSS logo
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and Processes

National Highways Sector Scheme 20 for Quality Management in Highways Works – ‘THE EXECUTION OF STEELWORK IN TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE ASSETS’.

These complement BS Steels’s certification up to and including Execution Class EXC3, under CE legislation.

Achievement of these two important certifications has involved extensive audit, covering finance, estimating, contract awards, procurement, and management of projects, production and sites. Lloyds Register LRQA performed these audits, and will work with BS Steels on future audit and maintenance of compliance.

Clients can therefore be sure that processes and systems at all levels throughout the organisation are being actively controlled, documented and audited. BS Steels congratulates all its managers and operatives on their hard work to this end.

ISO 9001:2015 specifies requirements for a quality management system, constructed around seven quality management principles: customer focus; leadership; engagement of people; process approach; improvement; evidence-based decision making; and relationship management.

National Highways Sector Schemes, together with BS EN ISO 9001, are designed to:

  • Provide an industry benchmark
  • Ensure that all processes are planned
  • Provide a basis for continuous improvement
  • Focus on quality as an objective
  • Reduce costs for Client and contractor
  • Provide and maintain a properly trained and competent workforce
  • Involve all sides of industry in scheme ownership within a partnership framework
  • Provide the basis for the technical knowledge and experience that Certification Body auditors will use in the sector concerned
  • Promote confidence in quality management systems through provision of a robust transparent

(Source: National Highway Sector Schemes for Quality Management in Highway Works 20 THE EXECUTION OF STEELWORK IN TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE ASSETS, published by Sector Scheme Advisory Committee for the Execution of Steelwork)

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