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We offer...

  • Expertise and partnership, solutions-led ethos
  • Certification for Execution Class EXC3
  • Surveying and 3D modelling
  • Strong track record in major office block and 'change-of-use' refurbishments
  • Tier 3 recommended contractor with Connect Plus, regularly partnering framework contractors
  • Full validation on Builders Profile database for PQQ information


Steel and Services for Major Contractors

BS Steels provides steel and steel-related services across numerous industries: construction, transport, utilities, commercial to name a few. Our clients range from local builders to the major construction companies, framework contractors, highway and railway contractors.

But wherever we operate, there is one common factor: we only succeed when our clients succeed. That is why we are sincere when we say that, throughout our business, we work in partnership with our customers.

Building Refurbishment: collaboration in a challenging environment

“Building refurbishment has become one of the most important sectors of the national construction programme in the UK… refurbishment projects are also guided by three primary objectives. These are cost, time and quality and… each of the project objectives are usually associated with risk and uncertainty.” – from Assessment of Risk and Technical Challenges associated with Building Refurbishment Schemes, RICS COBRA 2012

BS Steels works alongside national and international contractors on major building refurbishment projects across London and Southern England.

A major refurbishment presents a highly challenging environment. Coordination of demolition whilst installing new steel to strengthen the new structure, calls for close collaboration of all parties. In turn, this requires careful preparation, and extensive drawings and calculations, for which our drawing office is frequently called in to assist. We supply diamond drilling services, both as part of the demolition process, and for preparation of the new structure. This is very much the process we followed with Deconstruct UK on the refurbishment of 30 Berkeley Square, London W1.

In a ‘live’ project of this nature, there will the occasional unexpected challenge, and this is when our experience and problem-solving ethos will always come to the fore.

Steel for Railways, Roads and Bridges

Planning M4 Boston Manor viaduct repairs July 2012The ‘Highly Commended’ award for Osborne in Network Rail’s 2013 Partnership Awards is a high-profile example of successful partnership. The awards were set up, in Network Rail’s words, “to reward the great partnerships that exist within the rail industry”. Our page on the Marcon Bridge replacement explains the complexity and tight timescale of this project, which could only have succeeded through seamless participation of all concerned. Our particular part in the project was the design, supply and installation of the steel railway parapets.

BS Steels was the main steel sub-contractor on another Osborne-led project, to replace severe cracks in the steel structure of the M4 Boston Manor Viaduct. This was shortlisted as a finalist for the Integration and Collaborative Working category in the 2013 Construction Excellence Awards. Osborne’s report concluded: “In addition to the pure resilience demonstrated by the entire team, key to the success was the tremendous respect the project team had for each other and their support for the goal of the project. The stabilisation of Boston Manor Viaduct shows what can be achieved when teams work together coherently, safeguarding the structure and minimising the risk of costly and disruptive closures occurring in the future.”

New Build

At any one time, BS Steels has several installation teams working on new builds across London and the South.

Examples include:

close-up of carefully wrapped steel assembly, London Gateway

  • the reception building for London Gateway, the UK’s newest deep-sea container port and Europe’s largest logistics park. Visit our London Gateway page to see our team erecting the elegant structure designed and crafted in our workshops. (Clients: DP World and ISG Jackson)
  • The Ham Yard Hotel in Soho. BS Steels was involved throughout the project, seeing it emerge from a hole in the ground on a three-quarter acre former World War 2 bomb site. Located between Great Windmill Street and Denman Street, the site presented access challenges, particularly for the larger items supplied by BS Steels such as 20 metre long, 5-tonne structural trusses.
  • the steel superstructure of North Kent Community Church, in the new community of Springhead Park, Ebbsfleet, between Gravesend and Dartford.

Deeper understanding of our clients’ needs

The success of our ethos is reflected in significant ongoing and repeat business with major contractors. In turn this results in deeper relationships and greater understanding of their needs and priorities, and opportunities to add value at all stages of the contract cycle. In the transport sector, our proven ability to respond urgently to situations, to assess a requirement, design, fabricate and deliver a solution, is resulting in increased opportunities with the likes of Osborne. Significant repeat business with construction contractors such as McLaren, Coffey and Duffy, and with commercial businesses such as Ferryspeed, also show the benefits of proactive partnerships.