For motorists on the M25 around Watford, March 23rd was a day of frustration.

M25 road closure report Watford Observer

At around 1am, cracks had been identified in the anti-clockwise carriageway, between junction 21a (M1) and junction 20 (Kings Langley). That section was closed immediately and a call put out by Highways England to BS Steels. By 4am, BS Steels had a team on site, assessing the cracks and the work needed.

BS Steels was able to make immediate repairs, such that the carriageway was reopened by mid-afternoon, with a further closure the following night to complete repairs.

This is a problem only likely to increase. All around the world, steel structures designed for theoretically long working lives are being found to require repairs much before their expected time. As the UK motorway network ages, planned maintenance and emergency action will be needed.

Increasingly sophisticated methods are being constantly developed to effect repairs whilst minimising disruption to traffic. BS Steels has a track record in such techniques and innovation, shown in key locations such as the M4 Boston Manor Viaduct and the Dartford Crossing.

In addition to emergency call-outs, BS Steels is increasingly busy, partnering Connect Plus, framework contractors and engineering consultants with planned maintenance, testing and repair programmes.

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