logo of Builder's Profile databaseBS Steels has, for some time, been fully validated for PQQ information on the Builder’s Profile database.

By creating a secure online profile for BS Steels, we seek to make our company information available to our partners as conveniently and efficiently as possible. Builder’s Profile states its mission to remove “pre-qualification questionnaire duplication, inefficiency and waste within the UK Construction industry”. For anyone who has been through the process, that has to be a worthy goal!

BS Steels has recently been pleased to be notified that we have been approved, via Builder’s Profile, for the Osborne Supply Chain. We have a strong relationship already with Osborne. We have reported previously on various projects, such as:

We have worked also with Osborne on other railway projects at Wareham, Cosham, Battersea and Banbury.

It is not hard to envisage the reduction in future paperwork that we hope might result from our recent approval.

For any queries about BS Steels’s Builder’s Profile entry, please contact Nicola Williams.