Stainless steel spiral staircase, installed by BS SteelsThis gleaming stainless steel spiral staircase has been installed at 131 Shoreditch High Street, a mixed retail and residential project for which BS Steels has provided various services for contractors J Coffey.

BS Steels has pulled together various specialists to achieve such a beautiful result. Our own technical staff took the architectural concept forward into detailed 3D drawings, generating data necessary to source curved panels from a highly specialised producer in Denmark. The specially curved handrails were sourced from Midlands-based Angle Ring (“Metal Bending is our World”). BS Steels adapted, assembled and installed the various elements, and finally sourced a specialist polisher, who provided the finishing touches.

BS Steels has been involved throughout this project. Earlier, we provided the structural steel for new floor layouts. Another spiral staircase – this time in mild steel – has been installed in the basement. Stainless steel balustrading has been provided on the roof (being polished, below), and security fencing. Other features include special stainless steel planters.

Stainless steel balustrade by BS Steels, Shoreditch, London

Several of these features can be viewed in a new album on our Facebook page.